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How it Works....
1)  Simply collect your cylinder and pay a fully refundable deposit. There is NO rental charge. You pay only for the gas - your deposit is returned in full when you return the cylinder undamaged.

2)  Choose your inflator. A choice of two inflators is available for hire or purchase. Type A is suitable for Latex & Foil balloons, Type B for Latex  balloons only.
Learn About Helium
Helium is a gas with many uses. It’s found in such diverse applications as neon signs, and in cryogenics. But of course it’s most common use is for filling floating balloons. Whether it’s for a business promotion a birthday party or even a charity event, nothing’s quite like a balloon. Helium is a safe and easy gas to use, being non flammable.

Although ordinary latex balloons can be used with helium, they tend to deflate after a few days. A better choice would be either “helium proof” or foil balloons, available from PARTYSHOP.

It’s incredibly easy to fill balloons, and costs a fraction of what you’d pay in the shops

        Filling your balloons. Make a simple size gauge by placing two chairs at an appropriate distance apart. Inflate the balloon until it just touches both chair backs. Easy!!
Top Tip!
helium datasheet bw.pdf helium datasheet bw.pdf