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Kindling Sticks

The eco-friendly way to light your fire. Quick lighting, clean way to light all types of solid fuels.

Seasoned Logs

Our logs come from renewable sources, and are long seasoned to burn efficiently. Available in nets or bulk packaged. Ready to take away, or we are happy to deliver.

With so much emphasis on central heating, double glazing, solar panels etc., you might be forgiven for thinking that the days of the open fire are long gone. But “real” fires are enjoying a new popularity as people begin to understand how a fire is the “lungs” of a home, helping it to breathe, preventing dampness ensuring that the air inside your home is constantly on the move, replacing stale air with fresh - all without fans, electronic controls or high tech wizardry.
•  It’s vitally important that you burn the correct fuel for your fire. This will ensure that you get the very best results  and that your fire burns safely and economically. Take logs for example.... Not all logs are equal!
• The best logs to burn are long seasoned logs, since they will be dry, burning to fine ash. Other logs can be damp, and a lot of the heat is lost simply drying the water out of the log.
• Damp logs often fail to burn right through, so there is considerable waste, and because the fire burns cooler, more sooty deposits are left in the chimney, meaning extra visits from the chimney sweep.

HotMax Eco Logs

Made from pure unadulterated softwood. Perfect for woodburners, multifuel & open fires. Low ash, clean & 100% natural universal fuel.

Coal & Smokeless Fuels

Fire Parts - Dozens of parts for hundreds of fires.
Extensive range of spares - from a firebrick to a coal scuttle.

   Whatever you
  need - give us
   a call - we  
  probably have it stock.
Of course a sooty chimney can be an extremely dangerous thing, as it’s likely to catch fire with disastrous consequences. Not only that, but  as the chimney becomes restricted, combustion products can build up in your room to levels that could be fatal. So the lesson’s simple.... Be sure to burn the right fuels, and have your chimney swept regularly, preferably by a  NACS registered chimney sweep.

Self-Collect or we deliver - the choice is yours. Either way, we can supply the right fuel for all types of solid fuel appliances. Don’t take chances - using the wrong type of fuel can be LETHAL. Smithsons are your friends in the trade, and we’re just
a phone call away.